Though Future has long painted himself as a solitary figure, his relationship with DJ Esco has been one of his most fulfilling on a creative level. Having played an integral role in shaping beloved tapes like Monster, 56 Nights (named after his stint in an Abu Dhabi prison), Hndrxx, and most recently High Off Life, many have come to associate Esco's presence with a quality release from Future. Luckily, it would appear that the duo has once again reunited in the studio, prompting fans to speculate that Future's new album is well underway.

Now, it should be noted that only a few weeks ago, Future dropped a massive bombshell when he revealed that Monster 2 was in the works. In fact, he shared a studio picture of himself, Metro Boomin, Southside, and Esco cooking up in a meeting of the minds. Since then, many have come to speculate that a sequel to his fan-favorite mixtape is set to be Future's next big release, a notion that has many fans genuinely excited. After all, Monster is widely regarded as a top-tier Future project, and having him return to that primal sound would be a welcome surprise in the new year.

While we haven't quite received anything concrete about Future's upcoming endeavor, a recent studio picture of himself and DJ Esco, seemingly in the midst of cooking up, does suggest that the wheels are in motion. "You kno whats goin on .." teases Esco, hinting that the answer is hiding in plain sight. At this point, it feels fair to speculate that the pair are indeed working on Monster 2, and we should await further instructions in due time. Check out the pair's studio reunion picture below, and sound off if you're excited to see what Esco and Future have been putting together this past month or so.