Though Death Row Records played a prominent role in the notorious beef between the East and West coast in the early nineties, it would appear that Suge Knight was eager to bridge the gap. At least, according to the words of Onyx rapper Fredro Starr, who recently chopped it up with the Murder Master Music Show to share a few key historical insights. As he tells it, Suge was looking to add the hardcore Brooklyn rapper to his Death Row roster, a proposition he made upon meeting Onyx at the premiere of Sunset Park. 

 Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

"Suge Knight was with Tupac and they came to the Sunset Park premier," reflects Starr. "That night there was an offer on the table. Suge told me straight up "I want you to sign to Death Row!" I don't know if he was real, but he just saw Sunset Park. Him and Tupac was watching Sunset Park, and the whole Death Row, they came in there mad deep. Them ni*gaz was laughing, throwing popcorn having a good time. I think when Suge seen me on the screen he was probably trying to put a play together!"

For those who don't know, Starr actually played a prominent role in the 1996 film, which dropped shortly after Onyx's sophomore album All We Got Iz Us. While the connection between Starr and Death Row never manifested, it's still fascinating to imagine what might have been had Suge Knight been able to add the Onyx rapper to the legendary label. It would have certainly been interesting to hear Starr collaborating with 2Pac, would was in the midst of enjoying his own acting run. It's no wonder Suge saw potential in Starr, though we all know how the Death Row story went on to play out shortly thereafter.

Be sure to check out Starr's own recounting of the tale below, courtesy of the Murder Master Music Show.