It's always fascinating to hear an artist reflect on their influences, as tracing the DNA strands of musical lineage can be a most enjoyable pastime indeed. And in an era where it feels more important than ever to give flowers to the deserving, Freddie Gibbs took it upon himself to reflect on an album that left a strong impression on him, going so far as to shape his own musical trajectory. A trajectory that includes the likes of Pinata, Bandana, and Alfredo, three of his most critically acclaimed albums.

Freddie Gibbs

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

In the midst of a drunken celebration -- as they say, In Vino Veritas, translated to in wine, truth -- Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter to celebrate the California trio Strong Arm Steady, made up of Krondon, Mitchy Slick, and Phil Da Agony. Specifically their 2010 album In Search Of Stoney Jackson, produced in its entirety by the legendary Madlib, who would go on to lace both Pinata and Bandana for Gibbs years later. At the time, the project went on to receive critical acclaim across the board, and while Gibbs didn't specify, it's possible that Stoney Jackson set off a lightbulb in his mind -- a lightbulb that would give him the confidence to unite with one sole producer and go from there.

"If Krondon, Mitchy Slick and Phil didn’t make Stoney Jackson I wouldn’t have made Piñata, Banana or Alfredo," he writes. "Facts." Upon having fans pounce on his fruit-related typo, Gibbs made sure to clarify his true meaning. "Lol I meant Bandana im drunk." Drunk or not, it's certainly cool to see Gibbs paying homage to an underrated group, and the fact they played such a major role in his own musical journey is proof of a simple but inspiring truth: you never know who your art will end up impacting.