Rapping is a dangerous job. NBA Youngboy was targeted in a shooting in Florida prior to the Rolling Loud festival in 2019. The shooting left one man dead from the crossfire, 43-year-old Mohamad Jradi, as he was driving in the area. Several others were injured. NBA's girlfriend at the time, Kay Marie, was one of those injured by the gunfire. Footage shows NBA tending to her wounds after the shooting. 

The investigation to find the shooters is still ongoing. Recently, a close source to the case said state and federal law enforcement officials from Louisiana united with law enforcement in Florida to review aspects of the case and share intelligence. Louisiana’s law enforcement officials were taken to the scene of the crime and allowed the chance to interview several individuals with knowledge of the shooting as well. No arrests have been made.

NBA Youngboy did recently lock down one win in court. In an unrelated case, the young rapper was arrested in the Fall of 2020 during a music video shoot. The details of the arrest are not public, however, the cops did take $47k from NBA Youngboy. They have been "holding onto it" for months now, but a judge recently ruled that to be illegal.