Playboi Carti is taking his aesthetic and leveling it up to another degree, embracing his vampiric influences and releasing a Whole Lotta Red-inspired merch collection, which is convincing everybody of Carti's blood-sucking persona. 

The Atlanta rapper announced this week that, after years of waiting, a Mario Judah come-up, and rumors about the release date, his Die Lit follow-up album will be arriving on Christmas Day. The album is currently available for pre-order, rumored to be executive produced by Kanye West. As you can imagine, fans of the elusive figure are overjoyed with the news that the album will finally come out. There is no more suspense, no more frustration, only anticipation. 

Screenshot via Playboi Carti's webshop

Alongside the digital album pre-order, Playboi Carti released some new merchandise on his website, which has people convinced that the man is serious about this whole vampire thing. The official album art is a reference to Slash Magazine, which covered the underground punk rock scene in Los Angeles in the 70s. Carti's merch includes a rug with an upside-down gothic cross. He's also selling a wallet that looks like a gothic coffin, a t-shirt with "Black Leather Devil" graphics, and more upside-down cross goods. If you're an anarchist or a vampire, you'll quickly fall in love with this aesthetic.

Satanists around the world are excited to spend some money on the drop, and everyone else is just a little confused. Still, much of the world is looking forward to this Friday, both for gift-giving sessions and for Whole Lotta Red's arrival.