In twenty-four hours' time, a new Eminem album may very well be upon us. Rumors of a late-year Em drop began to pick up steam in November, and quickly gained serious momentum once December rolled around. The narrative gained new legs when a convincing cover of an alleged Music To Be Murdered By: Side B surfaced, fueling speculation that a deluxe edition of Em's earlier release was afoot.


Dave J Hogan/Getty Images 

The rumor was even addressed by KXNG Crooked, who neither confirmed nor denied the project's existence. Yesterday, it gained further life when producer Dem Jointz, a longtime collaborator of Dr. Dre, shared the Side B album cover in his year-end reflection post. From there came the usual fake tracklists that plague Eminem releases, with rumored guests ranging from Snoop Dogg to Elton John to Cardi B, who fans believe he actually dissed on "Marsh." Par for the course, really, for anybody who has lived through an Eminem album rollout. 

By now, it has been widely accepted that Music To Be Murdered By: Side B is indeed dropping at midnight, though Eminem nor Paul Rosenberg have given even the slightest whiff of confirmation. That hasn't stopped some of Eminem's former producers, including west coast icon Fred Wreck ("Framed") and Lonestarrmuzik (worked on "Normal"), from adding fuel to the already raging fire. Both parties found it particularly amusing to share pictures of Alfred Hitchcock, the late master of suspense who inspired and "hosted" Em's latest effort.

Eminem putting in work over Fred Wreck's production.

True, it's hard not to suspect trolling -- especially given how easy it has become to rile up the Stans in this delicate state. Still, with the project being so Hitchcock-esque in nature, you can't be mad at some good old fashioned suspense. Take a look at Fred Wreck and Lonestarrmuzik's posts below, and check back tonight for the moment of truth.