Transitioning away from a traditional rap role, Machine Gun Kelly has embraced his rock and pop-punk influences, and it's seriously worked out for him. Since his feud with Eminem a few years ago, MGK has released his most successful album to date, Tickets To My Downfall, which he believes places him at the front of year-end conversations

While Kelly's tremendous success in 2020 is undeniable, he's still being tormented by the demons -- or rap devils -- of his past

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Eminem released his brand new album Music To Be Murdered By - Side B (Deluxe Edition) last night, which includes an apology to Rihanna over his leaked lyrics about Chris Brown, a diss against Snoop Dogg, bars about him scaring Billie Eilish, and more. He also seemingly snuck in some subliminals about Machine Gun Kelly, dropping them in the focus single, "Gnat".

With Eminem, every single word is intentional. A lot of thought goes behind the rapper's lyrics, so even if this has not much at all to do with Machine Gun Kelly, his word choice was certainly meant to spark conversation.

"They say these bars are like COVID/You get 'em right off the bat," starts the Detroit legend. "Infected with SARS and Corona/Like you took a bite off of that/And it goes from martian to human/That's how the virus attacks/They come at me with machine guns/Like trying to fight off a gnat."

It can't be a coincidence that Em decided to use a "machine gun" reference in this. He'll continue stepping on his rival's neck for as long as it takes. Eminem is relentless, and this is just another instance to prove that.

In "Zeus", Em also references his beef with MGK, rapping: "She thinks Machine washed me (What?)"

Do you think MGK will fire back with some bars, or a tweet, or anything?