The game moves at such a rapid pace these days that it's impossible to assess whether or not an artist has been having a busy year or not. And while it might feel as if EarthGang has been quiet in comparison to 2019, which saw the release of both Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 and their anticipated debut MirrorLandOlu and Wowgr8 have been steadily holding it down through the folk-inspired work of Spillage Village. And while the Spiligion compilation album earned acclaim for its lush production and spiritual themes, many were curious to hear what EarthGang planned on bringing to the table for their next album.


 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

As it happens, the table is already being set. At least, sort of. EarthGang has officially stepped forward to confirm the release of "Options," a Wale-assisted single originally previewed as far back as April. At the time, it was confirmed to be "new new," implying that it was not a holdover cut from the Revengers sessions. Now, EarthGang has confirmed that the single will be arriving in full this Friday, taking to Instagram to preview a new snippet of the melodic drop.

In the clip, Venus, Dot, and Wale can be seen connecting in the studio, vibing to their upcoming track while M. Night Shyamalan's Signs plays in the background. From the sound of it, we're looking at a vibey and approachable cut from the trio, who appear in high spirits as they sip libations from red plastic cups. Check out the opening moments of "Options" below, and stay tuned to catch the full version when it lands this Friday.