Drake previously let the world know that, in January 2021, he would be releasing his next studio album. The project, titled Certified Lover Boy, was initially announced for Summer 2020, but the pandemic seemingly pushed it back, leading to a release within the next few weeks. If things still go according to plan, that means that we'll be hearing a new Drake album very soon, which is kicking off a bunch of speculation online about when it will be ready for streaming. The slightest hint can bolster speculation on social media, and producer Cardo knows that all too well.

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Known for his work on "God's Plan", "Laugh Now Cry Later", and other hits from the Toronto-based superstar, Cardo and Drake have had a strong working relationship for years. That's why, when Cardo tweeted (and deleted) a random date in January, many diehard Drizzy fans bit the bullet and speculated that it was a possible release date reveal for Certified Lover Boy.

"Feels like its January 28th," wrote Cardo on Twitter, likely just referring to how it already feels like the month is close to finishing. "But it’s only The 5th," he later specified. With the pandemic still raging, time feels like it's flying by for some, which is probably what Cardo is discussing. However, some took it as a hint that CLB could come near the later end of the month, even drawing a parallel between Drake's release dates for Views and Scorpion, which were also dropped near the end of their respective release months. 

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Cardo called out one source that reported on the possible date, telling them they were reporting "lies" and asking them to remove the post, saying, "No comment but your info inaccurate buddy... and please take that down. A N***a worked hard on that."

Is this a reach? Very probable. Could it happen though? Sure, why not? At this point, nobody really knows when Certified Lover Boy will release this month, or if it's been pushed back even. We'll keep an eye on what happens and keep you posted.