What do you get for the man who has everything? For Drake, the answer proved distinctly creative. Though many would be content to reside in a sprawling mansion, the likes of which only a small percentage of the world's population could dream of owning, Drizzy has always been one to double down. As Doctor Evil once ushered his own Mini-Me into the world, so too did the 6ix God opt for a smaller replica of his Toronto estate. And while a model of any kind would have been impressive to behold, Drake's happens to take the cake, having been constructed entirely of LEGO.

Drake LEGO

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

An impressive display to be sure, one intricately and painstakingly crafted by a patient LEGO artisan. A birds-eye view photograph of the replica was recently shared on Drake's own Instagram story, providing a closer look at the main mansion, the two additional guest houses, several cars parked in the driveway, the pool in his backyard detailed down to the tanning beds, and the lounge area. Compared to a similar picture of the actual mansion, it's truly impressive to see how accurate the designer's LEGO variant turned out.

On that note, it's unclear as to whether Drake actively sought out the piece for a commission or simply had a LEGO-loving fan take the initiative and arrange for its meticulous transportation to the so-called Embassy. Either way, it's clear that Drizzy is proud of the elaborate set, and likely started a trend other rich rappers would be wise to emulate. And if by some chance you hear Drake rap about "moving bricks" on the upcoming Certified Lover Boy, well, now you know what he really means.