He's a man of many talents, including training a dog to give him a few ad-libs. The tragic youth of DMX has been well-documented as the rap icon has openly spoken about the neglect and abuse he endured as a child. When he was a teen, DMX took comfort in walking the streets of Yonkers, New York in the evenings, often caring for the stray dogs that were also looking for love and friendship. The rapper's connection to man's best friend has been a staple throughout his barking career, and Murda Mook recently recounted a battle where DMX used his furry friend as his hype man.

In an episode of Drink Champs, Murda Mook shared the tale. "I'm gon' give you a story," Mook began. "DMX, real sh*t, I watched DMX... He lived around our hood... He had his dogs. So, he battling on the corner, mind you, battling all the n*ggas around him." Murda Mook impersonated DMX's raspy delivery of a line where he said, "Beware of my dog, he might bite you."

According to Mook, right on cue, the dog barked immediately after the bar. "The dog growled and he's like, 'Chill ma, let me get 'em.'" The Drink Champs crew erupted at the conclusion of the story because it seems unbelievable, but if someone could pull that off, it would be Dark Man X. Check out the clip below.