If consistency is king, then Curren$y's veins are flowing with royal blood. Long has the Jet Life emcee been prolific in nature, having cruised into the game with 2009's This Ain't No Mixtape and keeping his foot on the pedal for the duration of the ride. And while the car metaphors may feel overdone at this point, automobiles have become such a key fixture in Spitta's life that it feels appropriate to honor the tradition while penning this latest announcement.


Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

As it happens, Curren$y has taken to Instagram to confirm the imminent arrival of Jetlife, another new project set to arrive "in a few." On the album cover sit two classic cars, a reminder that Spitta has remained consistent in all aspects of his life -- a fact not lost on his fans, who flooded his IG comments with praise for the rapper's never-ending stream of quality content. While little details have been revealed about the upcoming Jetlife, expect typically solid rhymes from a rapper who never fails to make it look easy.

And while we're playing the guessing game, some might venture that "in a few" roughly translates to "this coming Friday," which wouldn't be surprising given Spitta's direct and to-the-point matter. All the more impressive given that he only recently dropped off Welcome To Jet Life Recordings, a compilation album highlighting members of his label's roster. Before that came the back-to-back onslaught of two Harry Fraud-produced projects, The OutRunners and The Director's CutCheck out the Jetlife album cover below, and look for the project to surface "in a few."