Crunchy Black of the Memphis hailing 90s rap group Three 6 Mafia had some gems of loyalty to share in a new VLAD TV interview. After discovering his dear friend Boosie Badazz was shot, he described how his friend should've called him to take care of things if he found out who shot him. 

At around the 1 minute and a half mark, Black starts talking about Boosie. "When I heard Boosie got shot, I figured like he could call me, cus a n*gga won't believe imma show up on they ass, you know what I'm saying? And imma say this sh*t loud and proud, cus I f*ck with Boosie. Boosie could've had a cast on his leg, told me "Crunchy Black me and you f*ck with each other," he explained.

He continued, " know what I'm saying, I need you to shake something for me. And I already told you I'd kill a m*therf*cker over my daughter, I ain't saying I would kill a m*therfucker over Boosie, I'm just saying, this n*gga could've called me." Boosie was shot in the leg at the Big T Plaza in Dallas, Texas, and has slowly been recovering from the injury. 

Crunchy also recently spoke out against Tory Lanez in defense of Megan thee Stallion following reports that the Toronto artist shot Megan in the feet twice. "I don't give a fuck about Tory Lanez, he ain't shit," Crunchy said on VLAD TV. "I fuck with Megan Thee Stallion all the motherfuckin way."

In the same VLAD TV interview where he discussed Boosie's injury, he also opened up about no longer living in Memphis and his recent stint in prison. Check out the full interview for more details.