The legal issues plaguing NBA YoungBoy have been longstanding. While the Louisiana rapper has amassed meteoric success in recent years, he's also faced a number of run-ins with the law. Most recently, we reported on the news that federal authorities are investigating a shooting in Florida that allegedly involved the young rapper, and months ago, he was arrested after police interrupted him as he filmed a music video. Three 6 Mafia legend Crunchy Black was asked about YoungBoy and he gave advice to the burgeoning rap star.

Three 6 Mafia, Crunchy Black, NBA YoungBoy
Peter Kramer / Staff / Getty Images

"When a n*gga say somethin', he just sayin' somethin'," Crunchy Black told VladTV. "That don't mean it's true, so you don't have to respond to that bullsh*t just because a n*gga might DM you and told you, 'B*tch ass n*gga Imma say this or Imma talk about this or Imma say this.' Leave that sh*t alone. You're a young n*gga, you're a real n*gga. Now, I already know what the situation is on the other sh*t, but Imma keep it real. You a young n*gga, you a real n*gga. Leave that bullsh*t alone. 'Cause a real n*gga day come. That don't mean just 'cause you a real n*gga you won't get blocked. Leave that sh*t alone, my n*gga."

He added that NBA YoungBoy's priorities should be working at his career to make sure that he can take care of all of his children, which may be at number six or seven. "Just because we real n*ggas doesn't mean somethin' ain't gon' try to get us," Black said. Watch the clip of the interview below and listen to what else Crunchy Black had to say about being scared of COVID-19 and wanting to take the vaccine.