Famously known for his iconic dancing abilities, Chris Brown, and his six-year-old daughter — whom he shares with 37-year-old model Nia Guzman — Royalty, recently teamed up to show that the apple never falls far from the tree. The adorable duo recorded a TikTok dance routine to "Freaky Friday," a summer 2019 anthem by Lil Dicky and Brown himself.

The heartwarming moment caught on camera was shared by Guzman to Royalty's appointed Instagram account on December 7. The clip shows Brown rocking the classic moonwalk while Royalty hops up and down, then the pair take it up a notch. Royalty starts incorporating some impressive arm motions while Brown puts his hands behind his head and shakes his hips.

Royalty's mom wasn't the only mother in the family to share the video, however. Brown's mom, Joyce Hawkins, posted the video to her own Instagram with the caption: "ME AND MY DAD TIKTOKING!!!!" Needless to say, fans have been loving the precious father-daughter dance ever since it was published, gushing over how much Royalty seems to be taking after her dad, and predicting her future career in show business. Like father like daughter, amirite?

Images via Royalty Brown Instagram

Watch the full video below.