It seems like the feds are trying to do a sweep of the entire rap game. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the FBI was searching for Casanova after he was listed in an indictment for guns and drugs charges in relation to the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It appears that before he turned himself in, he made sure to keep some music in the stash to hold fans over until he's eventually released from prison. In the first tweet to appear on his Twitter page since November 19th, the rapper announced that he was going to deliver something special for the fans imminently. And the special something appears to include some involvement from Snoop Dogg.

"Got something for ya'll tonight. Hope it don't go over your head... @Snoop Dogg," he tweeted before cementing the #FREECASANOVA hashtag. Even from behind bars, Cas clearly made sure to provide a little holiday cheer to those tuned in.

Just before turning himself in, the rapper offered fans and his peers in the rap game some words of wisdom. "I've been fighting my whole life so I'll get through this," he said. "Rappers, we are a target. Just be careful out there, watch who you associate with, watch who you bring around. I'll see y'all soon, god willing."

Keep your eyes posted for Casanova's surprise drop.