Investigators believe that 22-year-old Timothy Leeks, a good friend of Quando Rondo's, is the person responsible for the untimely death of King Von. We've continuously covered the ongoing case involving the 26-year-old's shooting death outside of an Atlanta hotspot, and as the rapper's loved ones honor his memory,Boosie Badazz gave his take on the importance of staying ready and protected at all times.

During the interview with VladTV, DJ Vlad commented that Von shouldn't have been fighting anyone, especially with security by his side. "King Von supposed to have a strap on him," said Boosie. "I think they kinda underestimated Atlanta. I don't know what—I feel like they would have been more ready in Chicago, you know what I'm saying? Atlanta a chill spot kinda like, n*ggas really just partying, especially with out-of-towners. They ain't hatin' on out-of-towners."

The rapper added that it was a "bad turn of events" that "goes to show the whole rap game that your entourage got to be ready and everybody gotta be protected." Vlad said if an entertainer has professional security, as soon as an incident looks to be occurring, they should remove the artist from the premises. 

"Security don't need the guns, yo n*ggas need the guns," added Boosie. "That f*cked me up. I liked King Von and I like Quando. Ain't nothing positive out of this situation." Watch Boosie's clip below.