Before Donald Trump left the Presidential office, he had one last hurrah, in which he pardoned a long list of names. Among those who received clemency, were Kodak Black, and vocal supporter Lil Wayne. We also saw Trump's pardons extend to music industry executives as well, with Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez and Death Row co-founder, Michael "Harry-O" Harris also receiving presidential pardons. 

While those who received pardons publicly displayed their appreciation, those who did not receive a pardon instead shared their dismay. Joe Exotic expected to receive a pardon, so much so that his team had a limo waiting for him outside his prison-- when he did not make the cut, he claimed he was "too gay" to receive a pardon. 

Boosie Badazz also had a negative reaction, after finding out that C-Murder wasn't among Trump's pardon recipients. Taking to twitter to express his anger, Boosie tweeted in all-caps "IM PISSED THE F*CK OFF TODAY don’t wanna y’all [sic] to anybody today so don’t call," wondering aloud how "everybody can get a pardon but [C-Murder]."

c-murder boosie badazz

Skip Bolen/WireImage/Getty Images

As we detail in our breakdown, The Rise & Fall of C-Murder, the rapper was charged with second-degree murder in the death of 16-year old Steven Thomas in 2002, in a case that's been wrought with missteps. C-Murder has maintained his innocence.

Now, a few days removed from the situation, Boosie sits down with VladTV to discuss his initial reaction. In the process, VladTV explains to Boosie that C-Murder could not receive clemency from the president because his case is with the state, and thus only the Governor can pardon him. 

Boosie says about his original response to the situation,"I was in my feelings, cause that's my partner, and I really wanna see him come home. It seems like a lot of doors closing on him. When I woke up I really kinda lost it, cause I grabbed my phone and made a video to Kamala Harris and the President. My people were like, 'no you can't drop that on Instagram, you can't drop it.' I was telling 'em like, save him, you know what I'm saying. What if you had a son, who had done twenty years, and he innocent?! And the feds show all this in his case, everything is point-blank. You would want him free. But I just end up tweeting what I said and calmed down and prayed for him."

Check out the video clip below.