Prior to Jeezy and Gucci Mane taking to the Verzuz stage, The Snowman was all set to go up against T.I. After much noise from fans, the line-up was altered to included Guwop instead of Tip, and before it all went down, Boosie was placing his bets. Just ahead of the Verzuz with Jeezy and Gucci, Boosie sat down to discuss the hit series and shared why he wouldn't be vying for a shot on the heavily streamed show anytime soon.

Boosie explained to VladTV that his music is authentic and said "half my fans dead, most of my Boosie fans dead." He added, "Everyone who came up on my music and all the sh*t I was talking about, they dead or they locked up. N*gga, who I'm gon' do a battle with? The social media fans? All my real fans dead, are in the graveyard or trying to stay alive and teach they children not to be what they was."

He was then asked about the then-upcoming Verzuz. "I'm going with Jeezy," said Boosie. "Gucci got more songs but Jeezy got more anthems. Jeezy probably could get T.I. Jeezy got motherf*ckin'...bruh. Jeezy got some sh*t. Jeezy got some motherf*ckin' club anthems. I'm talkin' about club anthems. That n*gga got some sh*t boy."

He made sure to give T.I. his props. "Tip still one of my favorite artists," added Boosie. Check out his clip below.