In some new developments in Bobby Shmurda's extended prison stint worthy of nothing less than celebration, the 26-year old will reportedly be able to leave prison as soon as next month. If you remember correctly, Bobby was incarcerated at the height of his career all the way back in 2014 leaving the world screaming, "Free Bobby!" He was tried on gang conspiracy, drug, and gun charges, and ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years with a December 2021 release.  

Brad Barket/Power 105.1/Getty Images

After being denied parole in September of 2020 by the board because of multiple violations committed while incarcerated, including illegal drug possession and fighting, chances of any sort of early release were beginning to look a little bleak for the Miami native.  

Bobby Shmurda reportedly has been granted a conditional release from prison scheduled on February 23rd, 2021. When an inmate is conditionally released, they will be under parole-like supervision of some level until the maximum prison sentence is reached. His previous release date before the conditional date was December 11th, 2021, so the "Hot N*gga" artist will be curtailing around a hefty ten months of extra time behind bars. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Bobby's release from prison and any subsequent music news that may eventually follow...