Months ago, Bobby Shmurda received news that his parole was denied. The "Hot N*gga" rapper was making a name for himself with a hit song and all looked as if Shmurda and his GS9 crew were preparing for their moment in the spotlight. However, that was all derailed when 14 members of the group were taken into custody and tacked with charges related to drugs and guns. Earlier today (December 15), Rowdy Rebel made headlines after it was announced that he'd been freed from prison, and by the looks of his Instagram Story, he's making the most of every minute.

Rowdy has already copped himself an iced-out chain and he's even shared a brief message from Bobby Shmurda, who remains behind bars for at least another year. "I love all my fans, I love all the support," Shmurda said on the call. "We'll be right there. Don't even trip. Welcome home my big bro. You already know, you deserve it. We 'bout to turn up like no f*cking tomorrow, n*gga."

In 2016, Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison with two years time-served. In total, the rapper has to complete five years in prison along with five years probation. Listen to his message below.