Azealia Banks rarely makes headlines for making music anymore. Known to throw a barrage of insults at fellow celebrities and media personalities unprovoked, the latest victim of an AB-style drag is Rihanna. The Barbados-born beauty and fashion mogul is no stranger to the harsh words of Azealia, however. AB and Rihanna have beef dating back to 2017 after Banks said Rihanna did not know what she was talking about in her social justice endeavors, to which Rih responded by throwing shade at her for sacrificing chickens

This time, the "212" rapper is aiming her gun and firing shots at Rihanna's new mullet hairstyle. Rihanna debuted the new style for the first time in mid-December by sharing a cheeky image of herself in a cherry bikini. The singer also flaunted her new tresses in her New Year's Day Instagram post, captioning it "new year's resolution: apply the pressure."

The 29-year-old Harlem bred artist made it very clear that she was not a fan of the new style, screenshotting Rih's tweet and reposting it to her Instagram story with the caption, "The girls are literally under zero pressure with this beavis and butthead mullet sis." 

The Fenty CEO has not paid Bank's comments any mind while she vacations in Barbados, enjoying quality time with her rumored new man A$AP Rocky