Asian Doll is clearly not taking the death of ex-boyfriend and collaborator King Von easily. Ever since Von's senseless murder last month on November 6, 2020, the Texas-bred rap vixen has been consistently posting things on social media that allude to pain, despair and more gravely suicidal thoughts. Controversial media personality DJ Akademiks didn't make things easier when he alluded to her being in a state of worry today, but she was quick to shut him down and any concern fans might've had.

Asian Doll Suicidal Tweet suicide alleged reported
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"Pray for #asiandoll aka #queenvon," was what AKademiks posted as a caption to a tweet he screengrabbed from Asian that said, "I will go somewhere real soon & find peace within myself I cant stop thinking about it because I'm really finna.............go." While that isn't exactly a confirmation that the rap star is indeed suicidal, it does sort of seem like she's going through it on some level. Still, it was a bit irresponsible for Ak to make the assumption, and it unfortunately backfired on him when Asian Doll herself responded to the report by denying it altogether, writing on Twitter less than an hour ago, "Akademiks is getting paid to bash me... pay him no mind." 

Again, it's very clear that Asian Doll is going through the pain of losing King Von on a public level that's even had people claiming she's doing it for clout or attention. The thing we have to all remember though is we can't tell anyone how to grieve or the right way to get over the death of a loved one. As for Akademiks, at least he can add one more person to his "Hate Train."

Check out both reactions from Akademiks and Asian Doll, and let us know who you're more inclined to side with based on the evidence provided below:

Asian Doll Akademiks beef tweet suicidal thoughts rip king von

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