Andre 3000 has successfully completed his transformation from lyricist extraordinaire into hip-hop's first wizard, carrying a level of mystique most rappers could only dream of achieving. Content to traverse the world with flute in hand, taking time to kick whimsical loops for whoever happens to be listening, Three Stacks remains one of hip-hop's most magnetic figures, an unfettered poet not entirely dissimilar to Moon Dog in Harmony Korrine's The Beach Bum. And while it's unlikely he'll be sharing a new album anytime soon, Andre did come through with something else entirely, revealing his family apple pie recipe to the masses.

Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

"Don't everybody love the taste of apple pie?" asked Andre, on the Stankonia classic "Gasoline Dreams." Banking on a universal answer of yes, Three Stacks connected with Meals On Wheels Atlanta to bring awareness to their ongoing "Pass It Down" campaign, detailed as a "lifeline for hungry, frail seniors." As revealed on Instagram, Andre's "Quick Lil Apple Pie" recipe consists of four simple ingredients: apple sauce, can biscuits, butter, and a pinch of salt. He even made sure to provide additional illustrations for good measure.

With only eight simple ingredients to follow, those curious and culinary-inclined can easily whip up a longtime staple of Andre 3000's family home, a memory of his late mother Sharon Benjamin Hodo and his late father Lawrence Walker. It's clear that in preserving their recipe, Andre understands what Meals On Wheels is aiming to do with this "Pass It Down" campaign, opening the door for a new generation to carry it forward. Check out the recipe for yourself below, and show some love to Andre 3000 in the comments. Will you be trying your hand at this Benjamin family staple?