Andre 3000 is widely considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, with his many contributions to OutKast's classic discography shining as a benchmark for excellence in penmanship. At once sharp with the references, immersive with the worldbuilding, and patient in his approach to storytelling, Three Stacks stands out as a unicorn of sorts -- which is to say, incredibly unique and equally rare, being all the more special for it. These days, Andre's elusive nature is one of his defining characteristics, making his inevitable sightings all the more memorable when they do occur.

Andre 3000 in January 2020. Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Having already achieved mastery of both the written word and rhythmic delivery, it's no surprise that the creative songwriter has taken to exploring different ends of the musical marketplace. As it happens, Andre has been steadily putting in work to elevate his flute game, a perfect instrument for a figure of such a mystical reputation. From the sound of his latest jam session caught on tape, Andre appears to have taken some strides, displaying an impressive grasp on his scales and runs.

Between the soothing nature of the flute's sound and the fact that Three Stacks is surrounded by plant life, it's hard not to walk away from the clip feeling as if one has encountered a real-life druid in the flesh. Of course, it goes without saying that many have taken to treating an Andre 3000 sighting with the same temperament as one encountering a solitary moose amidst a scenic woodland jaunt: stop, marvel in hushed tones, and move along with your life changed for the better.