Coronavirus was the worst thing to happen to 2020 but it certainly hasn't ended yet. As lockdowns continue to take place across the world and people continue to get sick from the virus, it seems like we're still a long way ahead from reaching normalcy. Vaccines are beginning to get distributed but unfortunately, not quickly enough.

Without proper social distancing measures, hand sanitization or masks, it's inevitable to avoid the virus. And many prison facilities do not appear to be well-equipped to keep both inmates and staff safe. Unfortunately, 03 Greedo has tested positive for coronavirus. The rapper, who's currently incarcerated in Texas, is reportedly having flu-like symptoms, though he's doing fine, according to a statement shared to his Instagram page.

"Please keep 03 Greedo in your prayers. He just tested positive for COVID. He is doing well. Currently, he is having flu like symptoms. Thank you!" the statement reads.

Greedo is currently behind bars on a 20-year sentence for drugs and firearms charges. He's recorded a copious amount of music to release while he's gone while people like Jeff Weiss have given the world frequent updates on his well-being.

"Greedo's spent most of the last year suffering through brutal lockdowns to prevent getting Covid & it still happened. What a shattered, reckless nation. One of our greatest artists remains victim to a senseless failed war on drugs," Weiss wrote with a screenshot of Greedo's post.

We're keeping Greedo in our thoughts and wishing him a speedy recovery.