Photo  Vado


Given NameTeeyon Winfree
AliasesBank Sinatra
Date of BirthMar 13, 1985 - Age 35
HometownHarlem, New York
Label We the Best, Cash Money, Diplomat, DD172

Abоut Vаdо

Facts Only

  • Vado first started writing rhymes when 16, and was influenced by Big L, Ma$e, and Cam’ron.
  • Vado's original alias was Mavado, but shortened it, presumably so he wouldn't be confused with Jamaican Hip-Hop artist, Movado.
  • Vado is an acronym that stands for "Violence And Drugs Only.
  • When he was 19, he appeared on a public access program, called, "Mad Ciphas." 2. Vado is an acronym
  • Cam'ron formed U.N. with Vado after he suffered a falling out with Jim Jone of The Diplomats.